A Historic Dialogue (State Of Philadelphia)


On Wensday November 2 2011
concerned citizens, community members, and leaders from Philadelphia packed The New African Center in West Philly for a historic dialog. A pannel, presentions, and keynote address were all part of the eveings events. The all star cast of candidates for city office, activist, community organizers, and artist before a crowd of 30 people included.

Pili X (Independent candidate for Phila city council, Hip Hop Party)

DreMatic (Water Is Humanity)

Rashida Phillips (Community Legal Services)

Rell Stylez (Ploymathematic Assembly, Hip Hop Party)

Sgt Robert Mansfield (Tea Party Activist)

Meighan Dorr (Independent candidate for mayor of Phila)

Vania Gulston (On The Block Radio)

Wali “Diop” Rahman (Independent candidate for mayor of Phila)

Adan (Hip Hop Party, Ricanstruction)

Lewis Harris Jr.(Independent candidate for traffic court judge)

The group discussed a wide range of topics. Flash Mobs and Curfew Laws, Education, Community Empowerment, Coalition Building, Occupy Philly/Wallstreet,
Transforming Government, The Philadelphia Parking Authority and more.

The group and community members discussed solutions at thourgh out the night. The State Of Philadelphia Forum put together by The Hip Hop Party For The People was a success and left people anticipating the next one.

Special thanks to Dr. Rahim the owner and operator of The New African Center for letting The Hip Hop Party use the beautiful building for the event. Please check out there website


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