Message from National Coordinator Keturah Ceaser


Message from National Coordinator Keturah Ceaser

I had the pleasure of sharing my Hip Hop and Political talents to the students of West Chester University. The vibrant group of students developed their own city council platform for Philadelphia.   The


Hip Hop Party for the People HHPP believes in Mass Mobilization and Education of the People. Millions of everyday people must be educated to their fundamental humanity and worth. People should be supported, aided, and encouraged in their struggles to improve their lives and those of their loved ones. The Hip Hop Party for the People will always base our work on the mood, desires, and wishes of the community. To educate and mobilize the people into a tremendous movement for social transformation, the Hip Hop Party for Peace believes in the development of the People’s Power. We believe we can achieve this through Door to Door Community Organizing, the tactics of Non-Violent Direct Action, and challenging unjust laws. The Hip Hop Party for the People believes informed participation in the affairs of one’s own community is the highest form of citizenship.   Enjoy. Team HHPP


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