The Hip Hop Party for the People presents “STATE OF PHILADELPHIA”

The newly found Hip Hop Party for the People, HHPP is a mass movement of the people by the people to have a voice in city politics. We believe in breaking the two monopolies Democratic and Republican parties by having our own independent constituents and third party that speaks to the people’s legislative rights in city politics. HHPP, At large candidate Pili X is running for city council to bring forth New Policies and New Leadership for all of Philadelphia.’ I believe that many of our elected officials are not working in the best interest of the people of Philadelphia. I also believe that the people of Philadelphia deserve to have a voice in city Politics, which has been ignored for too long by politicians who come around only when they are campaigning for votes and signatures. I’m entering myself as a candidate for Philadelphia City Council at Large to be the voice of change and hope’. Candidate Pili X.

  On November 2nd, 2011, HHPP is having a city wide forum on’ The State of Philadelphia’ to discuss the current issues in politics, education, culture and violence. This forum will take place at The New Afrikan Center, located at 4243 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19104 from 6:30pm-10:00pm. There will be other panelist, presenters, performances and keynote Speaker Candidate Pili X introducing New leadership, New Ideas, and New Approach in Economic Development, Neighborhood Transformation, Education & Youth, Public Safety and Values for the city of Philadelphia. Please visit or email us at for all HHPP information.


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