X Marks the Spot (Press Release)


   Hip Hop Party for the People

                                 “X MARK THE SPOT”

The Hip Hop Party for the People HHPP is endorsing At Large City Council Candidate Pili X for November Election 2011.

Candidate Pili X is a West Philly native, mentor, educator, and leader. He has been collecting signatures       and campaigning  throughout the city touching on major issues around budget cuts in education, violence, culture and politics ‘I believe that many of our elected officials are not working in the best interest of the people of Philadelphia. I also believe that the people of Philadelphia deserve to have a voice in city Politics, which has been ignored for too long by politicians who come around only when they are campaigning for votes and signatures. I’m entering myself as a candidate for Philadelphia City Council at Large to be the voice of change and hope’. The Hip Hop Party for the People is a newly found political party for the people to have a voice in city politics. Our platform has touched the hearts and minds of the people from all ages and races.

HHPP stand for Fielding Candidates in Local and State Elections, Mass Mobilization and Education, Coalition Building, Independent Institution Building, Youth Leadership, and Representing Hip Hop Culture to the fullest.

X Marks the Spot for New Ideas, New Leadership, and New Approach. Please come join us October 15th, 2011 at Gilbert Shoe Store (The Peace Spot) located at 1652 Ridge Avenue from 2-7pm for The Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart Community Feast.  Meet and Greet forums (need location and times), and Wednesday November 2nd at HHPP citywide People’s Government at the Close Pin at 15th and Market (across from the City Center)

For more information please visit


Vote for Pili X

People, Places, and Things

The Philadelphia Tribute

Philly Weekly

7D Sessions with Hip Fresh

Exposure Nation


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