Khemist- $1



New music from philly MC Khemist $1
Follow him on twitter @LocalKhemistry

Khemist started writing music at the age of 14. He then went on to join Jr. Music Executive, a program that helps high school and college students that are interested in careers in music. It was there under the guidance of Executive Director, Aisha Winfield, that his special talent was cultivated. Khemist created his own soulful, hip-hop sound, influenced by Philly international, Nas, Lauryn Hill and The Roots. Through the program Khemist was able to develop his performance chops and even went on to create a buzz with his mixtape Exotic Prodigy Pluto Distributors (EPPD) which was hosted by the world’s #1 blind DJ, DJ Touchtone. Since then he has performed at Howard and Hampton Universities’ Homecomings, St. Joseph’s, Temple and 100.3 The Beat’s Philly Home Jamz Concert at the TLA. He is currently putting the finishing touches on Puzzle Pieces, his debut album, produced by Dilemma of Hello World Music. Khemist is set to open for Jaguar Wright at World Café Live and perform at Veteran Freshman, held at the Blockley in July. To keep up with performances and new music, please follow his twitter @localkhemistry, like his Local Khemistry Fan Page on Facebook.


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