The Hip Hop Party Convention 2011


The Hip Hop Party Convention 2011 will be held on Sunday August 21, 2011 at The Rotunda 40 and Walnut street Philadelphia, Pa
$10 admission $5 with student id. Pannels and pannelist include.


First Pannel:
“Why We Flash Mob” a all youth Pannel moderated by Desmond Anthony with youth programs Beats, Rhymes, and Life (BRL),
Dollar Boyz, and Shadow Traxx on the Pannel.

Second Pannel:
“Which Way Forward For Black America” a policy debate with Rell Stylez (The Hip Hop Party), Min King Samir Shabazz ( New Black Panther Party), and Robert Allen Mansfield (Tea Party)

Third Pannel:
“Is America Ready for a Hip-Hop Party?”  Panel moderated by Philly Raw Talent

Hip-hop has always been political: It’s expression, styles, prose, and customs speak of the lived experience of generations of marginalized and disadvantaged urban youth. As a major cultural force, hip-hop has always challenged the status quo; highlighting struggle, social injustice,  free speech,  and inclusion. 
Yet Hip-Hop is more than just music.  “Hip-hop” has come to
described as a multicultural generation of young people and young adults in America who came of age in the  late 70s, ’80s and early ’90s. Hip-Hop defines our fashion, our language, our world view, and now our politics.

According to the US
Census, 50 million young voters (18-35) represent 25 percent of the voting population. Clearly these numbers speak to Hip-Hops potential to be a trans-formative force in U.S. politics but, only a little over half of those young people are registered to vote. Moreover, young people (18-24) account for the lowest voter turnout in the country (36
percent) while older Americans (age 65-74) participate at twice that rate (72 percent). Participation is even more dismal for African-American and Latino youth, who are overwhelmingly effected by policies of the US Government.

Unemployment, police
brutality, crumbling schools, AIDS, and the consequences of US foreign
policy are issues that effect this generation more than any other
A ‘Tea Party’ exists as
the  expression of  millions of people who feel unrepresented by the two Party system.  Is it time for us to start a Party that represents us?
Is America ready for a “Hip-Hop” Party?

And last but not least

Forth Pannel:
The State of Our City: Let’s talk Solutions.

the people of Philadelphia will gather for a constructive, love inspired,  and solution bound discussion of the state of our city and how regular people are organizing  to create a big change.

It will feature 30  young up and coming leaders in a serious discussion about SOLUTIONS to the problems facing our community and the city

Moderated by Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Professor at Columbia University, national televised columnist, and host of Our World with Black Enterprise; The State of Our City: Let’s Talk Solutions will feature some of Philadelphia’s new up and
coming young leadership from the fields of education, faith, social justice, finance, arts,  and entertainment.


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