New Leadership.

July 10h,2011
New Leadership for Philadelphia

The Hip Hop Party for the People Statement [HHPP] 

HHPP is a movement of the people to have a voice in city politics.


We the Hip Hop Party for the People believe Hip Hop must be used as a tool to serve, inspire, heal, and uplift the people.  Hip Hop has always been about having fun, but it’s also about taking responsibility, and now we have a platform to speak our minds. Millions of people are watching us. Let’s hear something powerful. Tell people what they need to hear. How will we help the community? What do we stand for? What would happen if we got the hip-hop generation to vote, or to form organization to change this? That would be powerful.
DJ Kool Herc ‘Hip Hop, Don’t Stop Generation of Hip Hop Book.

We HHPP believe in new ideas, new concepts and new approach to the city of Philadelphia. Out of the last 10 years of City Council campaigns and elections, this year race has shown the hunger for new ideas and new approach to city politics. A fresh movement of new jurisdiction from the masses is emerging into City Council. We the People of the Hip Hop Party  would like to address the importance of New Leadership in city politics. Some may ask, what is new leadership? Who is the new leadership? And what does it look like?  New leadership is the power of the people. We are an independent local body of community legislators working to change city policy one block at a time. The taxpaying citizens of this city from young people to senior citizens should have a strong voice in city politics
During the 2010-2011 electoral campaign, Philadelphia Democratic and Republicans candidates put forth their platform to change concerns in the Drop plan (deterred Retirement Option Program), Property taxes, Pension plan, and budget woes. All of those concerns are important; however, many of the candidates have not addressed inner community problems such as, gun violence, H.I.V, sexual abuse, truancy, teen pregnancy, unemployment, and police misconduct, nor have presented concrete programs which addresses these problems. During the past 8 months in my talks with the citizens of Philadelphia, I have found that more than half of the people (ages ranging from 14-50) don’t know their city council representative, nor what their responsibilities are to the public. It’s time for new leadership and new policies. These policies should speak to all of Philadelphia for a healthier, smarter, and safer city.
As some of you may know, Pili X is running for City Council At Large as independents through the Hip Hop Party for the People. The Hip Hop Party for the people is a mass movement of leaders working to strengthen Philadelphia neighborhoods from block to block. Our platform is running local and state candidates in government office to enforce new policies, independent institutions that support entrepreneurship, coalition building to support programs, organizations and groups, youth leadership to prevent recidivism, and representing Hip Hop to the fullest for social change.
Leah ‘Keturah’ Caesar

Hip Hop Party for the People


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