Broad and Olney (Non-Violence Campaign)


Philadelphia Violence June 6th, 2011
On June 4th, 2011 at 7pm a mini riot broke out at Broad an Olney. I was waiting for the L bus inside of Dunkin Donuts and suddenly a mob of 100/150 young people surrounded every street corner. Some got on the train and kept it moving but most of them stood around socializing amongst each other until one of the young men started to WU-TANG dance. Once the Philadelphia Cops saw that happening, a gang of police officers ran up on the youth ,interrogated them, threatened to lock them up, and attempted to take their belongings. The police officers were very rude and disrespectful to the young people. Naturally, they moved and walk towards broad and Logan. Twenty minutes after that, a crew of young people jumped a man and beat him heinously in the middle of the street. The boys in blue started to arrest people at random, patty wagons were everywhere, and most of the folks fled the scene. As the officers were clearing out that area, I overheard the masses speak of the disgust and embarrassment (primarily adults from 35-50) for the behavior of our urban youth. It was truly chaotic and unfortunately I was use to that type of violence occurring in Philadelphia. In the late 80’s gangs were prevalent all though North Philadelphia so for myself it was just another day in the streets. However, the 80’s era   was much more intense than the 2000’s in terms of street crime and I wouldn’t necessary call those young people Gangsters. The bigger issue at hand is the constant activity of black on black/ urban violence, domestic violence, police brutality violence and youth violence that disgracefully impacts our communities at large.
On the website an article was posted about Youth Violence inside of schools According to

the homicides since 2007 rate has decreased but in other sections of the city the murder rate is at an all time high 

Back in September 7th, 2010 The Philadelphia Cops from the 19th district brutally attacked Askia Sabur for no reason. Many of the African American men are targets of police crime and violence due to Stop and Frisk law passed by Mayor Nutter. 
Domestic violence is also an issue with home invasions of rapist 
These are all forms of violence in our neighborhoods that must stop. It is very possible to prevent these crimes from happening by the communities coming together from block to block and making a change through the positive involvement of parents, teachers, law enforcement and youth.
The Hip Hop Party for the People and Philly Raw Talent  are helping out with local community members who are advocating non-violence in our city by putting together a campaign. Violence is one of the major factors of crime in our society.  We encourage all to get involved in this Philly against VIOLENCE campaign and help make a difference in our city. More details coming soon.
Peace, Leah ‘Keturah’ Caesar


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