The 7D Sessions: with Kash Kuumba


We’ve all heard the old cliché’, “I’m not a role model, I’m just an entertainer”.  All too often, the entertainers of today tend to shy away from the responsibilities that come along with their art.  However, there’s at least one emcee that has the Knowledge Attitude Skills and Habits to be a role model and successful example for this next generation of artists.  KASH KUMMBA is an emcee out of Philadelphia, whose music is a reflection of his political influences and aspirations (Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X,  ) and his domicile locality (the unpredictable City of Philadelphia).
KASH KUUMBA, a former marketing and promotions rep. for one of Philly’s most recognizable record pools, Heat Holders, has worked on several promotional campaigns for major labels and indie labels.  Working with Philly groups, Goon Liberation League and the August 7th Movement, KASH has been giving listeners doses of his music in 16 bar quantities, mainly featuring his verses on songs with other group members. However, with 2011 upon us, KASH is prepping for more solo releases.
An avid reader, KASH tells hipfresh that he came up with the concept for his stage name from once reading a statement that alleged “Black people don’t prosper, because they lack the proper ‘Knowledge Attitude Skills and Habits’ to obtain wealth”.  He decided to take the moniker KASH, and use it as an acronym for “Knowledge Attitude Skills and Habits” as an endeavor to counter the propaganda being perpetuated.
KASH has a work ethic and track record of working with record labels, music execs, and local music organizations that is to be highly laudable.  KASH states that “a lot of old heads and people that been in the music industry for years… [need to] let some new blood in with new ideas”.  Check out all that KASH KUUMBA has to offer in this episode of The 7D Sessions.


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